What are the new technology machines in agriculture?

What are the new technology machines in agriculture?


Do you think you know everything about agricultural machines well think again these wild technological innovations are taking the world of farming to an entirely different level they plow, they till they look unreal they make farming easier and improve productivity and yields their looks can be a bit deceptive though so if you ever see a garden gnome it may be a power tool or a drone here What are the new technology machines in agriculture?

The E-series mega robot by Agrobot

This mega robot is a large piece of Machinery that’s designed to execute and combine a wide variety of tasks it has about 24 robotic arms all designed to harvest strawberries it utilizes cameras and sophisticated sensors that provide data to the AI and that AI then identifies the position of the strawberries that are ready for picking lar provides a comprehensive mapping of the environment to detect obstacles while ensuring the safety of plants the  E-series is highly efficient and can work for long hours  

The FM4 DDE-MUL Technology

Agricultural activities often come with a lot of waste every year the agricultural sector wastes a lot of crops and organic materials that could be repurposed these wastes could be weeds crops wood leaves and other materials and the best way to get rid of agricultural waste is to shred it and convert it into compost which can then later be used as nutrients to that fact this three-in-one machine is used in shredding mulching wood chipping and more it’s effective in handling Farm waste and it chips wood and other materials into 10 mm pieces or smaller it’s the best option for getting rid of agricultural waste and other tough materials  

The Vogel Engineering squash Harvester

This harvester is so complex and its harvesting operation that there’s just so much movement happening in concert the large machine is used in harvesting acorns Hubbard squash butternut and Buttercup it harvests these crops in large quantities and with so much care that the fruits retain their integrity while being transported on conveyors and processed and then stacked in storage spaces the machine is widely used and makes a great Harvester especially for plants that grow their products underground  

The Monarch electric tractor

This list would not be complete without the Monarch tractor because this is no ordinary tractor it’s a machine that’s autonomous and utilizes electric energy it’s smart and designed with the latest technology for connectivity imagine a machine that has enough power to move its super speed and with a level of autonomy that allows it to operate independently while you binge on Netflix that’s what the future of farming is all about you know the business aspect of this machine is the attachments and what it can work with the tractor is capable of 6 to 10 hours of work time and the battery takes about 4 to 5 hours of charge it turns out up to 40 to 70 horsepower and has a gear with nine forward and three reverse Transmissions  

Harry planter and the order of the farmers

Well that’s not the actual name but I couldn’t resist referencing the wizard because this robot also named Harry by the small robot company is an impressive wizard of a robot it can drill and plant it’s 1.8 m Square in height and is shaped like a big yellow tarantula it folds up to preserve space and doesn’t need a driver Harry is only a prototype and has already bagged the title of the world’s first and only digital drilling Farm robot after proper analysis and integration the robot would be made available to every Tom Dick and Harry that wants a sustainable means to weed their farm plant seeds and fertilize with precision and zero waste  

The di wheel concept

It is a tractor or is it an actual machine the world may never know but one thing that is known is that this invention is intelligent it consists of two automated Wheels joined by a central expandable shaft the entire machine can be put together in only 6 minutes due to its modular nature the machine can be dismantled and transported easily and the width of the tracks can be adjusted to suit the crop row width it can easily navigate through different types of terrain and the rugged teeth of the tracks allows for a seamless movement on the most difficult ground sensors can be attached to the connective shaft to monitor the health of plants and it can also be able to toe loads via an adjustable toe extension  

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Agrointelli robotti the beat master

Now what about an intelligent robot that can plant up to 100,000 sugar be seeds per hour and can work tirelessly day and night the machine has a working width of 3 m and a driving speed of 5 kmph it weighs 4,360 kg with when combined with the sewer with a tire pressure of two bar the aim behind this fascinating robot is precision and high productivity with a bit more flexibility and work life balance for Farmers  

Ekobot the weeding robot

Weeding is one of the most grueling activities in agriculture and it requires time precision and more time and no matter how much manual weeding a human does it’s just never enough introducing ekobot the weeding genius this rather odd-looking machine comes with multiple cameras that see beyond the eyes and can detect weeds from a distance once it spots them it then moves towards them and manually strikes them to remove the weed it’s pretty cool I’ve never struck a weed before but it seems pretty easy enough until the farmer needs to strike it a thousand times ekobot can perform thousands of strikes per hour and is self-driving

This autonomous machine performs manual weeding so that the farmer doesn’t have to use chemicals for the process it also uses solar energy meaning that it can work all day long with a high efficiency rate the robot is projected to remove up to 97% of weeds with Precision  

The electrifying kubota X tractor

The X tractor was made by aliens there’s no other explanation for such magnificence and versatility this AI robot tractor goes well beyond the capacity of even the most efficient agricultural machines the fully automated unmanned machines utilize big data and AI support to optimize and execute tasks it’s extremely quiet and utilizes clean energy the machine is designed to mitigate environmental burdens by Saving power and labor costs and according to the manufacturer there is a lesser number of people going into Agriculture and this would automatically affect food production these are just some of the problems that the x tractor seeks to solve

It’s powered by solar panels and lithium batteries utilizing GPS cameras smart sensors and artificial intelligence for navigation operation and data management the autonomous machine can decide on its own when to go to the fields to perform certain tasks and it can plant Harvest and till the soil it informs the remote farmer in real time via videos recordings and images  

The New holland and pininfarina tractor

This Deluxe straddle tractor looks like a concept vehicle that’s designed for absolute luxury but don’t be deceived by its looks the multi-functional machine is by design a tractor that is specifically used for narrow Vineyards that are so compact that it requires machines that have high maneuverability and narrow Dimensions the luxury tractor features a unique futuristic look inspired by the delicate appearance of a champagne glass it’s multi-functional and functions as a sprayer a harvester and more The intel View 4 plus display and rear screens allow seamless navigation and the PLM connect allows real-time data management the tractor can be controlled from the luxury ergonomic cabin or remotely to increase productivity the machine adds prestige to V culture  

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