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‘Venom 3’: Release Date, Cast, Production Status, and more

Marvel Sony has also tied up for the third time and that is because the shooting of Venom 3 started in June 2023. Venom parts one and two released by Marvel Universe gave success to the Marvel Universe. It has been discontinued.

Now fans are excited to know when this movie will hit the theaters Eddie Brock who played the lead role in the last two parts is also playing with the same symbiote in this part when will this movie release what are the plot and the reason for the cancellation but we hope that Venom 3 will be released soon.

Production on Venom 3 started around the time Spider-Man No Way Home was released and months later the film’s first look was released by producer Amy Pascal on April 25, 2022.

Both parts of the Venom film were met with mixed reviews. Still, the film Anti-Hero did well at the box office collection and the MCU introduced Venom in the climax of the same year’s Spider-Man No Way Home End, which confirmed Venom’s return in the next installment of Spider-Man.

Here we share some things we know about the Venom 3 movie

Venom 3 Movie Release Date

As mentioned earlier, Venom 3’s shooting has been temporarily halted, so the release date is yet to be announced MCU Wall’s Kraven the Hunter and Madam Web Release Dates Confirmed Sony’s Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man the Spider-Verse Release Date March 29, 2024Tom Hardy shared on his Instagram page that the shooting for Venom 3 has started in June 2023 and they have finished shooting only one page as per the script on June 16.

Will Venom: Let There Be Carnage sequel hit theaters?

If it wasn’t for the strike Venom 3 would have hit the screens this year it might take some time to get it back but it’s releasing the next year 2024 but it’s not known this month if the strike writers and producers come back hope this movie will hit the screens as soon as possible. The previous two parts were released every 3 years with Venom Part One releasedPart Two in 2018 and Part Two being released in 2021 while Part Three will hit theaters in 2024.

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Who is the cast of Venom 3?

Eddie Brock is reprising his role as Eddie Bragg as he is signed to star in all three Venom movies and new stars Ted Lasso, Juno Temple, and Chiwetel Ejiofor are also rumored to be joining Venom 3 but it is not yet confirmed who they will be joining and who the rest of the cast will be. We don’t know if they will return or not.

Who is returning in Venom 3?

It’s hard to say who is coming back from Venom but the few details we got are that the character Taxi will be coming to Venom 3 as the ending of the last episode told us that he will be back in this episode to explore the extraterrestrials in the last episode.

Unfortunately, Woody Harrelson won’t be back in this part because Venom will bite his head off in the last part and the movie will be over.

As mentioned above only a few characters will return as the movie only has some important elements for them so no one can say for sure that any of the characters expected in our last two parts will return in this one.

What will be the plot of Venom Part 3?

Like Spider-Man No Way Home, they would have shown Eddie Brock and Venom in the climax, followed by Spider-Man vs. Venom in this episode, Fans would have liked the same, but it’s doubtful whether Sony and Marvel’s film company would show two such heroes as antagonists. So far none of the movies released by this company have featured two fan favorite fan-favorite superheroes as enemies, so we think Venom and Spider-Man will act together in this one.

Also, in last year’s Morbius movie, Sinister Six teamed up against Spider-Man, so Venom will join Sinister Six in the third installment.

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