New Fantastic Four

Unveiling the New Fantastic Four Movie: What We Know So Far

Fantastic 4 movie is attached to the 2019 Marvel comic. This movie was previously owned by 20th Fox Century but now the movie has been transferred to Marvel and the fans of  New Fantastic Four Wars are very excited to hear this news. Marvel Universe brought Matt Shakman from Wanda Vision to helm the film. They had originally confirmed John Watts, who directed the Spider-Man series, to direct the film, but then changed the decision. This movie which is going to release in 2024 without any delay has given us the information about its release date, its plot, and actors and now I am going to share it with you.

New Fantastic Four movie release date?

Kevin Feige announced today that the film will be released on November 8, 2024 today many people thought that this is the first movie of Marvel Universe Phase 6 but on the same date, Deadpool 3 and Venom 3 were released in September 2024 so the release date has been pushed back. can change

Actors and their roles

New Fantastic Four Movie

The importance of the superhero movie is the actors who act in it. Reed Richards (Mr fantastic), Sue Storm (Invisible Women), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), and Ben Grimm (The Thing) are being chosen for the roles. I cannot say for sure who will fill this void. We hope that the actors above will try to reprise their roles

The villainous enemies that come with it

The story of a great superhero movie is about powerful enemies without whom the story is incomplete. Pentastistic War and War has a few minor villains and fans are curious to know which enemies will appear this time.

Plot and storyline of New Fantastic Four

The story of this movie is also kept under wraps by Marvel Studios, they haven’t said anything about the nostalgia of this story but since the looks are new, we can expect the story of this movie to be new as well.

The director and production team of the film

The success of a movie is due to the director who directed that movie but MCU is a bit late in choosing the director for this movie it is official information that they have selected the best-talented directors and included some technical assistants from the production team as part of their plan.

Consolidation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The most important feature of this movie is that it is being released with MC, how will this movie fit into the universe in the future, what will be its plot and what kind of impact will it have among the fans?

Fan expectations

Fans are very excited and hopeful that Fantastic 4 will hit the theaters again, which is increasing the anticipation of the movie, not only that, the pressure is on the production team to deliver this movie.

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Teaser and sneak peeks of the New Fantastic Four movie

Marvel Studios is known for releasing teasers before the release of the film and fans have also suggested that releasing the teaser before the release of the film will lower the expectations of the film.

Implications for Ownership

The success of this film is not only the biggest success for the MCU but also paves the way for a film to be made without a plot and character development.

The strength of resumes

Rebooting a movie has become a common thing in the film industry but bringing back this movie is very exciting not only can this part correct some of the mistakes made in the previous part but I will also be interested in traveling into a story with new characters.


The return of Fantastic 4 is an exciting event for comic book fans and movie fans alike, with many questions answered and excitement and anticipation running high. I, along with you, look forward to witnessing this moment when the MCU steps back into superheroes




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