‘Thunderbolts’: Cast, Release Date, plot, and Everything

Marvel has started building its new superhero team, the Thunderbolts, which will be released in 2024. This movie is unlike the Avengers movie and Marvel has created their, initiative focusing on new superheroes the superhero characters in it are fresh and designed with unique stories for each the film is still a while away from its theatrical release, but MCU has released some information ahead of time know what it is here we share everything we know about its release date, cast, and story

When will Thunderbolts be released?

Marvel Universe planned to release the movie on July 26 2024 but due to the strike of the workers working on the movie, the release date was pushed back to December 20, 2024. The first look of the movie was decided to be released in July. The MCU’s Deadpool 3 and Captain America Brave New World are slated to release next year alongside the Thunderbolts movie.

Is the Thunderbolt trailer out?

The trailer has not been released yet as the shooting has not started yet so it will be some time before the trailer is released it is a comic book story and it will take some time to make it into a movie so viewers will have to wait a little longer, said Marvel Universe.

Is Thunderbolts a sequel to the Avengers movie?

The Avengers movie ended in 2021 and the Avengers characters had finished their journeys so this new team of Thunderbolts was introduced to replace the Avengers.

Are Thunderbolts and DC’s suicide squad the same?

DC’s suicide squad and Thunderbolts look similar but there is a slight difference between the two in that the suicide squad is sent to destroy international criminals in the US by force and they participate involuntarily.

But that is not the case with thunderbolts, they form a team of their own free will and become superheroes to face the forces that threaten the world. This is the difference between the suicide squad and Thunderbolt debris.

Who makes the movie Thunderbolts?

Jake Schreier is a director who has made several successful films including Robot and Frank (2012) Paper Towns (2015) and I Can See You (2008) which earned him Best Director awards.

He has also worked as a writer for Black Widow and Thor Ragnarok movies and that’s why he got the idea to direct a superhero movie and that’s why he decided to direct this Thunderbolts movie.

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Who is starring in the movie Thunderbolts?

As this is a new superhero movie from the Marvel Universe, apart from the familiar faces, some new actors have been brought in.

  • Harrison Ford (Thaddeus)
  • Florence Pugh (Yelena Belova)
  • Hannah John (Ava Sterr)
  • Wyatt Russell (John Walker)
  • Steven Yeun (the sentry)
  • David harbor (Alexei shostakov)
  • Olga Kurylenko (Antonia Dreykov)
  • Sebastian Stan (Bucky Bames)
  • Ayo debris
  • Julia Louis Dreyfus (Valentina Allegra)
  • Tim Roth

They are temporarily pulled out of this shoot due to some reasons

What will be the plot of Thunderbolt’s movie?

thunderbolts is a new era so there is no official information about it but MCUAvengers will release it at the right time and as far as we know all these new superheroes will come together as a team and create recognition for themselves just lThunderboltsavengers.

Is there any possibility of Thunderbolt’s second part?

First of all, we can say anything for sure only after the release of this movie maybe at the end of this movie we can leave the lead for the next part and only after that we can say whether the next part will come out or not.

When and where did the shooting of the movie Thunderbolt begin?

Filming for the film started in Atlanta, Georgia in June 2023 and after its completion, it is rumored that the film will hit the screens in December 2024. Regarding this, the director of the film, Jake Schreier, said on his Twitter page that the work is still ongoing and the shooting is not over yet.

So we will get the full official information about this Thunderbolts movie only next year because all the information we have shared here so far is only the information we have.


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