Bad Boys 4

‘Bad Boys 4’: Release Date, Cast, Filming, and more details

Bad Boys is one of Will Smith’s most successful movies. This movie gave Will Smith a unique recognition in the Hollywood film world. Now the fourth part of the Bad Boys series is going to be released by Sony Pictures in which Will Smith and his partner Martin Lawrence are coming back. These movies were released in three parts in 1995. Bad Boys 1, 2003’s Bad Boys 2, and 2020’s Bad Boys for Life are now followed by the fourth installment, Bad Boys 4, which is due out next year. We are sharing this here

When is Bad Boys 4 releasing?

The film was scheduled to hit the theaters on 14th June 2024 but due to the strike by the workers of the film, the shooting of the film has been temporarily halted and the release of the film has been postponed.

Will Bad Boys 4 be streaming?

Sony Pictures and Streaming reportedly had a deal in place to give the rights to Bad Boys 4 to Netflix only after its theatrical release and success at the box office.

Is the trailer of Bad Boys 4 out?

While the trailer for the film is yet to be officially released by Sony Pictures, Will Smith and his partner Martin Lawrence have shared on their Instagram page that the production is still underway.

The video shared by the duo is now going viral on social media as Will Smith shared with his fans about his experience on the set of Bad Boys 4. The little mischievous things that happen between them in the movie are very funny

Who is starring in Bad Boys 4?

As usual, Will Smith returns as Mike, and his partner Matt Lawrence returns as Marcus Miles. They have also brought in some new actors,

  • Ryan Castle (cop)
  • Vanessa Hudgens (Kelly)
  • Tasha Smith (Theresa)
  • Paola Nunez(Rita)
  • Eric Dane (villain)
  • Derrick Gilbert (teenage boy)
  • Alexander Ludwig(dom)
  • John Salley (Fletcher)
  • Ioan Gruffudd (Lockwood)
  • DJ Khaled (Manny the Butcher)
  • Joe Pantoliano
  • Charles Melton
  • Rhea shoehorn
  • Melanie Liburd
  • Joyner Lucas
  • Jenna Kanell
  • Christopher Cocke (The Guard)

What is the plot of Bad Boys 4 movie?

As in the previous parts, the story of two police agents who are looking for criminals and how they find the criminal they are looking for will be the story of this part, but some changes have been brought in this part, The protagonists of the story, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, are fired from the job and then rejoin the job for a long time. We have a feeling, but not sure, that they will find the criminals wanted by the FBI bring them to justice, and get their jobs back.

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Who made Bad Boys 4?

The film is co-directed by Bilall Fallah Arbi and Adil El Arbi who are Academy Award-winning directors Arbio has directed episodes of Mrs. Marvel and thus had the opportunity to direct films from multiple production companies.

When and where was Bad Boys 4 filmed?

The shooting of this movie started in April 2023 in locations like Atlanta Georgia but due to the strike of the crew, the shooting of the movie has been stopped for a while.

Is there a chance for a Bad Boys 5?

The three parts of the Bad Boys series were released one after the other with different storylines and now this upcoming fourth part is going to bring a different story so only after the release of this movie can we say for sure whether the fifth part will be released or not.

Which of the Bad Boys parts is the best?

All three parts of the Bad Boys series are action comedy adventure in three ways, The most notable part is Bad Boys for Life released in 2020, which is slightly different and better than the first two parts and has a lot of action scenes.

During a meeting, Will Smith shared some of the emotional things that happened to him in his Bad Boys series, in which he said that he not only acted in this film but also learned how to act out an action scene from some of the main characters.



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